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How to clean the auditorium chair made of soft seat material?

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How to clean the auditorium chair made of soft seat material?

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Auditorium chairs the armchairs are tilted and, if the sound is unusual, a lubricant can be sprayed on the surrounding joints or the spring shaft to eliminate the sound. Ground friction in wheelchairs tends to wear away dust. It is necessary to remove the tire body from the tire regularly and use a spray to protect the chair wheel to ensure that the chair is smoother. Different fabrics can also be used for different fabrics. When the auditorium chair gets dusty, it can be vacuumed and absorbed. It can be stained in granular form and lightly brushed with a soft brush.

If entering the drinking water, wipe the paper towel first, gently wipe with warm water cleaner, gently wipe, and then wipe the water with a clean cloth.

Auditorium chairs, theater chairs, and other leather chairs are usually kept on the surface and can be wiped off with a clean, soft cloth. You can also use neutral cleaning fluid to wipe, not scratch, can make the surface more beautiful and novel. If the dirt is long-term, it is best to dilute the neutral detergent (1% ~ 3%) with water, then wipe, then wipe with water cleaning fluid, then wipe with a dry cloth, and then use the appropriate amount of leather repair agent. You can even wipe it.

The auditorium chairs actually have a lot of structure to adjust, usually just by using clean detergent and cotton cloth. The latter is more easily oxidized by the aluminum polishing process and can usually be cleaned with detergent during maintenance. If you can purchase oxidizing agents, you can wipe down professionally maintained aluminum care products quarterly.

Aluminum is also easy to repair and use, and auditorium chair fabric maintenance and cleaning experience can be used to clean the fabric of brightness and brightness.

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