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Auditorium sofa soft seat fabric maintenance cleaning care experience

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Auditorium sofa soft seat fabric maintenance cleaning care experience

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Auditorium sofa soft seat fabric maintenance cleaning care experience

Auditorium chair at ordinary times we use more, in cleaning and maintenance, what should we pay attention to? Here are a few things to take care of.

01 Auditorium chair soft seat sofa chair in tilting, if there is abnormal sound, can use lubricant spray in the axial contact around or spring and other places can eliminate the sound. The wheelchair is rubbed on the ground, which is easy to be stained with wool dust. The wool dust on the chair wheel should be removed regularly, and the chair wheel should be protected with spray to ensure the smooth sliding of the chair wheel. The chair that is aimed at different fabrics also has different maintain a method, when cloth chair face touchs dirt, want to pat gently only go or be to be sucked with cleaner clean can, when touchs grain appearance article, usable soft wool is brushed smoothly brush gently.

02 if it is stained with beverage water, you can first wipe the paper towel to absorb water, with warm water neutral detergent to wipe gently, then use a clean cloth to absorb water. Dry at low temperature.

03 auditorium chair soft seat sofa chair, theatre chair and other leather chair surface general maintenance as long as the use of clean soft cloth to gently wipe the leather surface can. Also can use neuter to clean fluid to wipe, do not knead forcibly, can make the surface more beautiful be like new. If the long-term dirt, the most ideal way to clean is to use warm water diluted neutral detergent (1) first to wipe, then wring the water wipe clean liquid, finally to dry cloth shine, wait for the whole dry after using the appropriate amount of leather maintenance agent can be wiped evenly.

04 stainless steel is qualitative auditorium soft seat sofa arranges chair surface to touch dirt when use be soiled oil to wipe can, also have on market sell stainless steel special maintain article.

05 Aluminum alloy material in the surface treatment can be divided into four ways, electroplating, polishing and baking paint treatment. Surface treatment with electroplating, anodes and paint treatment, maintenance is relatively simple, usually as long as the use of stable cleaning detergent with cotton cloth can be wiped. The latter aluminum alloy polishing treatment because of easier oxidation, maintenance can be used to wipe with a cloth detergent. If the production of oxidation can buy aluminum alloy special maintenance products can be wiped once a season.

06 Chrome plated material chrome plated in maintenance is very simple, use detergent to wipe with a cloth can often keep bright.

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