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How does ability adjust auditorium chair comfortable state

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How does ability adjust auditorium chair comfortable state

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How does ability adjust auditorium chair comfortable state? According to related experts, many people's lobby seats are not high enough to allow the body to recover from back pain in the lower back. So, how does ability adjust the chair of auditorium good?

Field of view: close your eyes, then gradually open them, with the field of view roughly centered on the computer monitor. If the display is too high or too low, adjustments are needed to reduce neck muscle strain.

Lower back: don't contract in auditorium chairs when you're tired, which can increase pressure on your lower back and discs. Lean your hips against the back of the chair. Place the mat so that your back is slightly flexed so that when you're tired, your body doesn't contract into a ball and you can reduce your back to a small size.

Legs: with your hips pressed against the back of the chair, try squeezing your clenched fist into the space between the back of your legs and the front of the chair. If you can't do this easily, the chair will be too deep and you'll need to move the back of the chair, cushion it, or change it.

Thighs: check to see if your fingers can slide to the top of your thighs and the front of your chair. If the space is too tight, an adjustable shelf can be added to the thigh. If you have a finger width between your thigh and the seat in the auditorium, the height of the chair will be raised.

Elbows on premise: sit comfortably as close to your elbows as possible, make sure your upper arm spine is parallel, place your hands on the appearance of the workbench (such as a laptop or keyboard), adjust the auditorium chair height from top to bottom to make sure the elbows are at right angles. Together, adjust the height of the handrail so that the upper arm is raised just above the arm.

Of course, being sedentary is good for you, so remember to get up at least every half-hour for a minute or two. You can even do a simple body or bathroom. If you have this condition, walking slowly for 20 minutes can not only reduce the pressure on your spine, but also improve blood circulation so that nutrients can be delivered to all parts of your spine.

Auditorium chair is a tool Shared by many people, usually will be particularly dirty, how to clean? That's a problem.

1, soft cloth dry cotton auditorium chair, and then dry. It is forbidden to use wet cloth, hard material, acid, alkali and other chemicals in contact with the fabric without affecting the surface quality and service cycle. If insist to drink, fruit juice, can use wipe towel to suck dry moisture first, use wen shui to dissolve neuter scour next, wipe with clean soft cloth next, dry with low temperature can.

2, Wash the chairs in the fabric hall with water and then dry them. General maintenance simply use a clean soft cloth to gently wipe, if you have used for a long time to clean the dust, the good method is to use a neutral detergent diluted with warm water after wiping, with a dry clean cloth clean liquid, then use a dry cloth polish, wait for dry use the appropriate maintenance agent can wipe evenly.

3,Vacuum cleaners can be used on all the hall chairs made of all the useful materials. The back, armrests, and seat face to face gaps can be cleaned of debris. But when using cleaner, do not use brush, in order to prevent damaged textile cloth steel wire mesh cloth and fluffy, more avoid large suction, this move may lead to knitting line broken, may want to consider using a cleaner cleaning.

4, the cleaning of the wooden chair is necessary. Wooden materials should be avoided to avoid the natural color of the wooden surface. Leather adsorption, should pay attention to antifouling; Leather material should be cleaned with a special leather cleaner to avoid the use of strong detergent.

5, metal auditorium chair clean pay attention to. The maintenance of metallic material can use soft dishcloth to wipe, but avoid to use coarse, organic dissolvent (if gum oil, decontamination oil) or wet cloth piece wipe, these are the main reason that causes surface scar, rust. Wipe often with dry cotton or muslin to keep bright and beautiful.

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