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What characteristics does auditorium chair have auditorium chair how choose and buy

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What characteristics does auditorium chair have auditorium chair how choose and buy

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Auditorium chair as the name suggests is in the hall or in the cinema and auditorium should be often used in a chair product, so in general the auditorium chair has a more outstanding characteristics, that is based on the auditorium chair what must pay attention to when the choose and buy, what we should pay attention to maintenance the auditorium chair, let's know about the circumstances surrounding the auditorium chair together.

A, what are the characteristics of auditorium chair auditorium chair how to choose and buy

In daily life, it is difficult to see the auditorium chair, in real life, the main use of the hall chair is in the auditorium, cinema, hall, lecture hall and other places. At present, most cinemas have been replaced by sofas, so in the current cinema, auditorium chairs are also rare items, only in the general auditorium, or the opera house and other places.

The auditorium chair in the design, in order to increase the comfort of the seats, in most cases are used sofa cushion, and for the current evacuation to provide convenience, auditorium chair cushion design using reversible structure; Auditorium chairs are placed where they are doomed to fail, and they are often used in low-light environments, because in order for people to find a seat more quickly and accurately, the seat position in the auditorium should have a local lighting design.

Auditorium chair design is mainly based on the design requirements of the application field, such as the venue seats will usually be documents and record writing board, in this field, but also take into account the simultaneous interpretation equipment, said voting, equipment and other practical needs of the function; In a theater, it's more about the comfort of the seat, so you have to think about the combination of the seat and the air conditioning system.

B, how to buy the auditorium chair

1. The surface material should be thick and durable, and cannot be used for a long time. Sofa fabrics can be divided for home and entrance, Europe and manufacturer of American major production produce, chair fabric quality is good, color is tall, color fastness is good, fabrics is not slanting, especially a few high-grade fabrics in order to improve antifouling performance, also undertook special surface processing. Imported high-grade fabrics also have anti-static, flame retardant and other functions.

2. The structure of auditorium chairs plays a decisive role. Auditorium chair frame structure, three-dimensional Angle structure and reasonable design will directly affect the quality of the chair and use function, so the choice of auditorium chair depends on the overall structure and company, whether there is loose, whether the ergonomic design.

3. It is important to keep the body healthy, straight and straight with internal padding, and to check both arms and the back of the seat and back carefully. You can sit in a chair when you think it's smooth, whether the Angle is reasonable or not. The quality of elastic material affects the comfort and service life of sofa. Therefore, elastic materials should have toughness, elasticity and high density. When people choose to buy, they can get relevant instructions from the enterprise to ensure the quality of products.

C,How to maintain the auditorium chair

1, soft cloth dry cotton auditorium chair, and then dry. It is forbidden to use wet cloth, hard objects, acid, alkaline and other chemicals to contact fabrics for cloth surface maintenance, so as not to affect the surface quality and service cycle. If touch beverage, fruit juice, can use wipe paper towel to suck moisture first, wipe with agent of neuter of lukewarm water dissolve next clean, reoccupy clean soft cloth is wiped, dry with low temperature finally can.

2. Wash the chairs in the fabric hall with water and then dry them. General maintenance simply use a clean soft cloth to wipe gently, if you use a long time to clean up the dust, the best method is: first use neutral detergent with warm water diluted brush for the first time, with dry clean duster cloth clean liquid, reoccupy does cloth to polish finally, wait for dry after using the appropriate maintenance agent can rub evenly.

3. Vacuum cleaner is suitable for auditorium chairs made of all materials. Back, armrest and seat face intersect place aperture can clean sundry cleaner. But when using cleaner, do not use suck brush, in case destroy the weave line on spin cloth and make cloth becomes fleeciness, want to avoid to be sucked with extra big suction more, this action may cause knit a line to be torn off, might as well consider to clean with small cleaner.

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