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How to discern the actor bad of auditorium chair

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How to discern the actor bad of auditorium chair

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In the hall, theater, opera and other places, we always find that the chair with the ordinary there some differences, that is what people call the auditorium chair, the chair than ordinary structure is slightly more complicated, mainly by the chair seat, chair, armrest and stand feet of four parts, as the auditorium chair manufacturer to take a look at the auditorium chair below what are the features and how to distinguish the merits of the auditorium chairs.

Auditorium chair is a kind of furniture that applies more strictly, see very hard in general place, in general family, auditorium chair this kind of furniture does not exist at all, the auditorium chair of steel structure or steel structure is in only commonly the scenic spot such as the theater.

Main applications of auditorium chairs

In daily life, it is not easy to see the auditorium chair, in real life, the main application of the main hall in the auditorium, theater, hall, lecture hall and other places. At present, most cinemas have been replaced by sofas, so at present the auditorium chair of the cinema has become a rare thing, only in the venue, opera and other places are more common.

What is the function of the hall?

Auditorium chair in the design, in most cases in order to increase the comfort of sitting posture, in the form of sofa cushion, in order to facilitate the completion of evacuation, auditorium chair cushion design more flipped structure; This place is destined for applications that are often used in dark environments, so in order for people to find their seats more quickly and accurately, the auditorium chair manufacturer should have a local lighting design on the seats near the seats.

The design of auditorium chair is mainly based on the design requirements of the application site. For example, the seat site is generally equipped with text and writing board, and the site is also equipped with simultaneous translation equipment, voting equipment, speech equipment and other practical functions. In the theater, it is more about sitting comfortably, so we should consider the coordination of seats and air conditioning system.

How to distinguish the advantages of auditorium chairs?

In modern times, the general hall chairs are made of leather surface, but also need to uv radiation, heat, light, wear and so on, so the auditorium chair manufacturing costs are relatively high, some enterprises in order to pursue more profits, using low cost charge leather, so buy the hall chair should know how to distinguish the advantages of the auditorium chair, auditorium chair manufacturers share detailed identification method is as follows:

1. Wiping method: wipe the surface of leather with oil to see if there is any fading or color shedding on the surface of leather. This method can effectively avoid buying the old leather after secondary color change.

2. Olfactory law: good leather, after passing certain craft to handle, won't have excitant taste commonly, and have too much dissolvent flavour and coating flavour are bad.

3 heat resistant method: ask business or auditorium chair manufacturers to a small piece of leather, and then touch hot samples with cigarette tip for three seconds, if good leather, certainly nothing, this method can avoid buying PU products.

4. Viewing method: use a magnifying glass with a 30x magnification effect to observe whether there are holes or holes in the leather surface. If there are holes or holes, it indicates that the auditorium chair has good air permeability; otherwise, it has poor air permeability.

5. Volume label method: the leather used in the auditorium chair produced by the formal auditorium chair manufacturer, the back of the leather material will mark the manufacturing date, the name of the leather factory and so on.

6. Certificate law: the auditorium chair that normal auditorium chair manufacturer produces should have clear source, carry production place, leather factory mark, leather tests a table, leather USES the basic data such as letter of authorization, when choose and buy can let a businessman or manufacturer show relevant whole, these whole are short of one cannot.

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