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The promotion of furniture enterprise -- network promotion cannot be underestimated

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The promotion of furniture enterprise -- network promotion cannot be underestimated

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According to investigation shows, when consumer is buying furniture, to the brand of furniture and manufacturer attention is to arrange the hind, that is to say, when consumer is buying furniture, to furniture is what brand, it is what manufacturer produces, do not care very much. And recently, the luxury of many big shop sign is "copy".

Believe such result can let many furniture manufacturer shame. In recent years, furniture manufacturers for furniture brands and corporate brands of increasing concern. In order to promote the popularity of furniture brands and enterprises, we do not hesitate to spend a lot of money on advertising and celebrity endorsement. However, the fact shows, simple TV, posters, billboards, light boxes and other brand promotion methods have little effect.

In view of this phenomenon, the furniture brand and the enterprise promotion channel, must not mention the network promotion. The furniture industry by the homogeneity, the market is not standard, the influence of many factors such as disorderly competition, marketing way to breakthrough still has a long way to go, if want to realize the sustainable development of sales, can't just keep luck clients such as inside the mall, to go out, from passive to active sales marketing, from assistant upgraded to sales staff.

Is the main battleground for sales in stores? No, customers come from there, the main battleground is there. Now the customer buys furniture to sell a choose and buy to sell directly no longer only, before buying, they can collect relevant information, have a general understanding to brand, product style, design first, ability can have the determination that chooses to buy a target. The most common way for customers to gather information is through the Internet.

Accordingly, many furniture manufacturer, sell enter furniture electronic business affairs in succession. According to the marketing director of China furniture shopping website, furniture brand and enterprise popularity can be promoted through the Internet with the following advantages:

1. Presentation. Any enterprise want to develop the network marketing, first of all need to have a show on the network platform, can fully show the company's image and products, and so on, industry websites and general comprehensive commercial website and web portal, more professional and segmentation, analysis of an industry more thoroughly, so an opportunity for you to show in this platform, one is easier to set up the image of the company in this industry, the second is to clinch a deal the success rate of increase greatly.

2. Dissemination. Companies do to promote traditional before, if your product investment promotion information, inventory information, and so on fully spread, low cost can not pass to the whole country, and on time too slow, now have a business website, can independently publish your product information at any time, release, the more is to search on the Internet is, the more chance to clinch a deal the greater the opportunity, to a large extent for the customer. Secondly, it can enhance the network awareness of enterprises. Now customers can survey the information of an enterprise from the Internet anytime and anywhere. If you publish a lot of information on the Internet, customers will certainly have a good understanding of your company after they find it.

3. Timely communication. Most of the industry web site now has a message system or online instant communication tool, can let you the first time for business opportunities, time is money in this business society, who first mastered the information means more grasp the business opportunities, a minutes earlier ahead of the competition to get information and contact, so only when each other contact is busy now. This point is also more and more attention by the industry website, such as furniture network launched online customer service SMS system, as long as you mobile phone in hand, 24 hours can grasp the business opportunities, and at the same time you release information, information page automatically with online customer service system, so that visitors can contact the first time.

4. Enterprise information construction. Many enterprises are raising the issue of enterprise informatization. And often don't know how to start. The industry website is the enterprise enters the enterprise informationization the gate, from the website construction to the on-line exchange, then to some commercial software auxiliary application, may say that the industry website more and more manifests its formidable marketing value. These in the annual growth of the number of industry website can be clearly seen, so small and medium-sized enterprises must seize the industry website this rope is not relaxed.

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