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Company name: anji zhengming furniture co. LTD

Contact person: Mr. Li

Telephone: 0572-5033721

Phone: 13017917800

E-mail: 3072988916


Address: building 1, zone 2, sunshine industrial park, anji dipu street

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Anji zhengming furniture co., LTD is a professional production and processing company of auditorium chair, cinema chair, classroom chair and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Anji zhengming furniture co., LTD. Integrity, strength and product quality recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiations.

The company pays attention to the cultivation of high-quality staff team, establish a good corporate image, pay attention to harmonious labor relations in the enterprise management, "people-oriented". The company has created a good mechanism for all kinds of talents to play.

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Zhejiang anji sunshine industrial park zone 2